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The Women of Tamworth

Some Commonly Asked Questions About Using a Contract Skincare Manufacturer

Alfredo Mcdonalid

If you want to sell your own line of skincare products, instead of being a reseller of other products, you will need to choose how those products will be manufactured; this can mean opening up your own manufacturing facility or using a contract skincare manufacturer. If you've never explored the option of using a contract skincare manufacturer, note a few questions you might have about the process, and this can tell you if this is the right choice for your business venture.

What is the difference between in-house manufacturing and contract manufacturing?

Simply put, a contract manufacturer is a company that produces your products for you, as opposed to you opening a production facility. There are many benefits to using a contract manufacturer, one being that you don't need to invest in the machinery or personnel needed for production. Not only do you avoid this cost, but you also avoid the hassle of ensuring that your equipment, raw ingredients, and manufacturing processes pass all inspections, which are usually more stringent for beauty items. You outsource all this work to a company that is already established and ready to begin manufacturing your products right away!

What is a private label? Does this mean no one else can use the same products?

The term "private label" means that you are not reselling another name brand. Your private label products can be made with your own proprietary ingredients, kept confidential by the manufacturer and not used by any other company.

However, a skincare contract manufacturer may also have a number of formulas available for skincare products, which can be used by any company, and then packaged and sold under private labels. You can choose to use those formulas instead of creating one, and simply package it under your private label. The companies who all use the same formulas are kept confidential by the contract manufacturer, so your end consumers will be none the wiser about which brands on the market are virtually identical. Using this premade formula can save you money, as you don't need to pay researchers to create a formula for you, and it also ensures that your products are safe for consumers, as they've already been thoroughly tested and researched.

What about packaging; can it be something very custom?

A private label skincare manufacturer can usually help you design your packaging and labelling, or they can accommodate your own choices. The only limitation is any legal requirements or restrictions on the materials that can be used for bottling certain products to ensure the product is safe and hygienic and will also withstand shipping.